The summer holidays are in full swing – but we all have different ideas about what really makes a holiday. Some want to chill and relax whilst others want to see and do as much as they can possibly cram into their time away.

Our fun quiz tries to match how you like to spend your holiday time with the type of learning and development that might be best for you. It’s a little tongue in cheek of course but you might be surprised how our holiday choices reflect our learning styles.

You've just won the lottery! Woop woop! You cannot wait to book your trip to...

  1. Tanzania – for the adventure of a lifetime
  2. Mauritius – relaxed and chilled in some of nature’s most beautiful surroundings
  3. Malaga – traditional, reliable and familiar
  4. Rome – ruins rock

Time to get comfy and settle in for your flight. There’s no better way to spend the time than…

  1. Reading up on all the activities – you wouldn’t want to miss anything
  2. Sleeping!
  3. Making the most of the free drinks
  4. Checking out the latest films

You're lying by the pool in sunny Crete. The rep bounds over to you with her list of excursions. You...

  1. Instantly book the jet skiing with manic glee
  2. Tell her to go away – you just want some quiet time with the sun
  3. Jump at the chance for the nightclub tour. PARTY TIME!
  4. Grab your camera and fossil brush, 'cos you're headed straight to the ruins!

Time to eat! Holidays are nothing without great food, so you…

  1. Take off your backpack and grab your protein bars
  2. Dive into the all-inclusive buffet
  3. Just keep drinking – there’s no lunch like a liquid lunch
  4. Head out to find some authentic street food – the weirder the better

Bad times - you've just come back from holiday. You're back home, and everyone keeps asking you what your favourite part was...

  1. Too many to choose! Rock climbing, diving, bungee jump, sky dive - they were all amazing!
  2. Uh, hello!? Have you SEEN my tan? Sunning it up!
  3. Keep the noise down, my head's still throbbing...
  4. Well, seeing as you ask, come over and I'll show you all my photos


Mainly As) The Adventurer

You’re all about new experiences, pushing the envelope, and leading the way forward. You’re not content with sitting back and letting the world just happen around you - you like to make things happen!

Whether at a managerial or strategic level, our leadership courses cover a wide range of topics to help you push boundaries and move your team to great new heights, such as solving problems and making decisions, as well as providing new tools to manage your own individual mental toughness to help with your performance, wellbeing, positive behaviours, and aspirations.

Recommended courses - Certificate in Leadership & Management or Certificate in Strategic Leadership & Management

 Mainly Bs) The Lounger

Wellbeing is important to you, so you understand that sometimes other people need time out or a little bit of support in their day-to-day lives. Mental Health First Aiders understand the myriad problems that can beset people within an organisation, and have the tools to be able to listen and signpost for the relevant further support.

Similarly, our People & Wellbeing course gives you the skills to be able to support your employees’ mental health, motivate them in the workplace, and be a figurehead of your organisation’s wellbeing.

Recommended courses - Mental Health First Aider or People & Wellbeing

 Mainly Cs) The Partygoer

Having the best time you can with others is what makes you tick – yes, you may have written-off the occasional morning nursing your head, but just think of the friends and connections you’ve made. Being with people and making sure everybody’s happy and involved is important to you. Our Team Member Certificate will get you and your team bonding, understanding each other better, and performing to the best of their ability.

For the more experienced Partygoer, our HR for Managers course has a perfect blend of leadership & management skills with the day-to-day HR elements that team leaders and managers face every day, including recruitment, performance management coaching, and discipline in the workplace.

Recommended courses - Team Member Certificate or HR for Managers

 Mainly Ds) The Culture Vulture

Seeing the sites, learning all you can, and sharing your new experiences with others are the reasons you travel. You like to see the world through new lenses as much as you can, and understanding other peoples’ point of view is important to you. You like to try and broaden everybody else’s horizon by sharing what you’ve learned and imparting knowledge.

Our Award in Education & Training is a great fit for Culture Vultures – teaching others and imparting knowledge comes naturally to you, so why not formalise that and utilise it as a new skill in the workplace? This course gives you all the tools you need to be able to teach in the workplace – whether it’s for giving company inductions, cross-skilling your co-workers, or even holding health & safety briefings.

Recommended course - Award in Education & Training

So, now you've got an idea of what might suit you, why not use the rest of the summer lull to plan your development, and get booked onto a course ready for that back-to-school feeling in September?

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