ILM Level 3 Leadership & Performance Management

We’ve expanded our Level 3 Leadership certificate to encompass the most popular modules from our Performance Management programme, resulting in a comprehensive four-day qualification for first-line managers who are serious about their management responsibilities and who want to get the best out of their team. For aspiring, new and experienced managers, this course brings management skills into the 21st Century. As you would expect, the course is accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management, and includes the following:

Day 1
Understanding Leadership: You’ll learn about the roles and responsibilities of being a leader and look at leadership models, behaviours and sources of power. You’ll also discover your own personal leadership style and how to develop appropriate leadership behaviours. Also the role of trust and respect in effective leadership.

Day 2

Managing Communication: This module discusses the communication cycle and its relevance in effective management. You’ll understand the importance of tone, language and level of formality and assess verbal verus written forms of communication. You’ll learn how to analyse your own communication skills and identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

Day 3

Building an Awareness of Waste Management: Provides learners with an awareness of waste management techniquesand strategies. Delegates will understand how industry waste impacts upon the environment, what good practices areregarding waste management and what the benefits are of employing them.
Understanding Innovation and Change in an Organisation: Develops delegates’ knowledge & understanding towardsinnovation and change as required by a practising or potential first-line manager. How to plan, monitor and review theimplementation and communication of change is covered in practical terms.

Day 4

Understanding Good Practices in Workplace Coaching: The nature and role of Coaching in the workplace will be covered along with the behaviours, skills, abilities and characteristics of an effective workplace coach including recognised Coaching Models. Differences between Coaching and Line manager responsibilities and importance of coaching records.

Delegates are required to submit four written assignments of approximately 800 - 1200 words demonstrating their understanding and application of the course subject matter, within four weeks of the final day of tutoring.



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