Mental Health & Wellbeing

Since Covid, our awareness of Mental Health and wellbeing has risen dramatically and been bought sharply into focus. As employers, our approach to mental health should be the same as any other health condition. We have a duty of care towards our employees and should ensure they are safe and that the work environment is a safe place to be. Because mental health issues don’t generally have any outwardly visible signs like a bandage or plaster cast we need to take other steps to identify it. 

Statistics regarding the impact of mental health on businesses is striking:

  • 10 million more people will need mental health support since Covid
  • Stress depression and anxiety have become the cause of the most lost work days since the 1990s
  • Annually, 1 million workers lose 18.6 days per year to work related stress, depression or anxiety, equating to 17 million days lost in 2021/22
  • According to Deloitte, the cost of mental health to UK business is £56billion.

Implementation of a workplace mental and and wellbeing strategy should be seen as an investment that will reap rewards in productivity, attendance and staff retention. 

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