Employee Wellbeing Surveys

Employee engagement surveys are designed to measure and assess your employees' motivation and engagement. Employee wellbeing surveys invite employees to reflect on their physical and mental health and allow the company to consider the ways in which staff are supported. Once revealed through survey results, underlying issues, which managers may have been previously unaware of, can be addressed head-on. Surveys can be made anonymous to give employees confidence to answer truthfully, and even though individual results may not be revealed, trends in the overall workforce results can provide invaluable insight to influence corporate decision making for the benefit of staff.

Surveys can be conducted at any interval with brief monthly conducted surveys giving a regular check-in for employees that avoids problems being allowed to fester. 

How we can help with your staff survey:

  • Surveys managed from start to finish
  • Greater engagement when surveys are outsourced to a third party
  • Anonymity for survey responders
  • Collaborative approach to question setting
  • Work with you to understand your aims exactly
  • Surveys managed online including e-mails
  • Detailed, graphical response reports
  • Monitor response rates and encourage engagement 
  • Make recommendations on actions to take following the survey
  • Support with action implementation

Costs depends upon our level of involvement and the number of staff surveyed. Please contact us to discuss.

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