Wellbeing Strategy Development

We know that employers have a fundamental duty of care for the health, safety and welfare of their employees. Covid has brought employee wellbeing into much sharper focus and with moves at Government level to legislate for Mental Health First Aiders in every organisation, a formal wellbeing strategy should be a adopted by all employers.

Not only will employers reap the rewards of a motivated and engaged workforce, an integrated approach to wellbeing will promote longer term organisational success.

HR Champions can support you business in developing their own employee wellbeing strategy through training and policy implementation that will ultimately engender a wellbeing culture that makes yours, a good company to work for.

Wellbeing Strategy Plan:

  • Starting from the top, ensure senior leaders and managers understand the gravity of workplace health and wellbeing, and take the matter seriously.
  • Train line managers and supervisors in good management skills ensuring targets, workloads and deadlines are manageable and realistic. Instil the importance of regular one-to-one meetings and performance reviews. Give them the skills to hold sensitive and difficult conversations with confidence. Empower them to offer flexibility and adjustments where they identify the need.
  • Provide a clear and easy pathway to occupational health support and any other specialist therapies such counselling or mediation.
  • Initiate strategies to generate an evidence-based understanding of the causes of poor physical and mental health in the organisation an of any unhealthy practices.
  • Encourage an open and honest work environment and one where employees feel safe and able to discuss issues with fear of reprisal.
  • Ensure policies and practices are aligned with the organisational and employee needs rather than relying on off-the-shelf quick fix solutions
  • Promote a good mental wellbeing ethos and engender a culture where people can talk about mental health and seek help where needed.

An authentic employee health and wellbeing strategy should be a core element of any organisation operation and not simply a tick-box exercise. It should be an ongoing project that forms part of the overall company culture. 

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