Holding Suicide Conversations Training

Suicidal thoughts are much more common than people think. As MP Dean Russel put it, "If suicide was a virus, we would be on the hunt for a vaccine." However, huge stigma remains when talking about suicide. People might not view suicide as a workplace issue however employers have a legal duty of care to provide a safe working environment. The Hazards Campaign estimates that 650 work-related suicides happen every year in the UK. That equates to 10% of all suicides. As an employee, manager or HR professional, it can be an extremely difficult and emotional situation when a colleague discloses suicidal feelings. Our course is designed to build confidence in the team to have supportive conversations and to sensitively signpost to the appropriate services.

This is a 4-hour session to raise awareness of wellbeing and mental health, and for delegates to learn how to recognise and look after their own mental health. 

What you’ll learn:

  • The case for understanding the link between suicide and the workplace
  • Roles, responsibilities and Duty of Care: the employer and the Mental Health First Aider
  • The four attitudes towards suicide
  • Supportive conversations: having the confidence to listen and signpost a colleague
  • Knowing when to escalate and de-escalate


1/2 day in-house training for up to 12 delegates - £999 (+ VAT)

Benefits for the Business Benefits to the Delegate
Support the company’s well-being agenda Build your confidence to listen to a difficult subject and sign post your colleague
Contribute to a safe workplace culture with open discussions Understand different suicide attitudes to feel capable in escalating and de-escalating 
Recognise the signs early before a serious escalation is required Know how to take care of your own mental health and well-being
Strengthen the skills of your current Mental Health First Aiders by increasing their confidence Have an appreciation for your company’s escalation procedure 

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