Performance Management Letters and Forms

Counselling Letter

Use this letter to outline to employee areas of concern and action they are required to take to improve. 

Development Review Form

Use this document to update and review employee's progress in relation to their development objectives or development plan.

Extension Following Unsatisfactory Probationary Period

Use this letter to confirm to employee that their probationary period will be extended due to unsatisfactory performance. 

Investigation Report

Use this document to collate information in an investigation.

Investigatory Interview Brief for Witnesses

Use this document to provide information for witnesses in an investigation.

Invite to Performance Review Meeting

Use this letter to invite employee to a meeting to discuss their performance, following their performance review. 

Job Description Template

Use this document as a template for job descriptions.

Performance Improvement Plan

Use this document as a template for employee performance improvement plans. 

Performance Management Process Letter

Use this letter following a performance review meeting with employee to confirm the areas of concern and their objectives going forward.

Performance Review Form

Use this document to summarise the discussion in a performance review meeting. 


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