Performance Management Fact Sheets

Active Listening

A factsheet providing information about active listening, including reasons people do not listen well and tips for active listening. 

Body Language

A factsheet providing information about body language.


A factsheet providing information about counselling, including advice on how to counsel. 

Giving and Receiving Feedback

A factsheet providing information on giving and receiving feedback, including tips on giving feedback and advice on how feedback may be received. 

How to Run a Coaching Session

A factsheet providing a step by step guide on how to run a coaching session.

Learning Styles

A factsheet providing characteristics of different learning styles.

Objective Setting

A factsheet providing information on setting SMART objectives. 

Personal Development Plans

A factsheet providing information on the different stages which should be followed when setting a personal development plan

Preventing and Identifying Poor Performance

A factsheet providing information in relation to preventing and identifying poor performance. 

What is Coaching

A factsheet providing information on coaching, including tips and advice on how to coach.


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