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Training Trends in 2023

This year we have heard many buzzwords when it comes to workplace training from AI to gamification. But what has been consistent this year is the need for effective people managers within the workplace. Having effective people managers in businesses improves morale, reduces turnover and creates high employee engagement.

As 2023 is drawing to a close, we had a look at our top three training courses this year and what that means for 2024.

Accidental Managers
Accidental managers might have a negative connotation however it simply refers to our ‘First Time Manager course. That is, an employee who is excellent at their day job and receives a promotion to management. However, this new role requires a completely different skillset. Without training, the employer is setting up this first-time manager for failure.

Managers have a direct impact on the employee’s experience within the workplace. Ineffective management can lead to low productivity, high turnover and low employee engagement. This year, this sentiment resonated with lots of employers and businesses.

If you want to combat ‘accidental managers’ in 2024, you can still book your managers on to our January course. Click here to find out more. Our December course is now full.

Mental Health in the Workplace: Manager Skills
Managing employees’ mental health not only falls within the employer’s duty of care but is also a strategic advantage. Having mentally healthy employees ensures productive teams.

Managers play a crucial role in fostering a supportive and mentally healthy environment.
This course doesn’t create mental health professionals of managers but allows them to recognise early signs of poor mental health within the team, pro-actively pre-empt a mental health situation by facilitating an open culture around mental health and know how to effectively manage performance when an employee is suffering from poor mental health.

This trend won’t end in 2023. The conversation around poor mental health will and should continue. You can find out more about this course by clicking here.

Leadership and Management accredited by the ILM
Our ILM qualifications remained popular in 2023. These courses support aspiring, new and senior leaders to manage effectively and create high performing teams.

Over the pass few years, we have seen rapid changes in working patterns and employee expectations. Leadership and management training has supported businesses to adapt to these changes, create inclusive environments and foster innovation even in difficult circumstances.

Upskilling managers with an internationally recognised qualification creates confident people managers which allows for successful teams and high employee engagement. Moreover, the business can create effective succession plans so that they are always one step ahead.
Your people are your best asset to your business.

We have scheduled our dates for ILM courses in 2024. Find out more here.

In 2024, retaining and finding your best talent starts with creating effective managers who will foster a positive workplace environment.

So how will you build effective people managers in 2024? You can start with our Black Friday deal which ends on the 22nd December. This deal gives you 50% off ILM training. Get in touch by calling 01452 331331 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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