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How do you behave?

Ever wondered why someone’s behaviour within your team annoys you? Perhaps they are decisive, but you like to consider the impact on the team before you make a decision. Maybe they are too spontaneous and don’t consider the finer details like you would. Unfortunately, it’s about working with and considering these differences to be a high performing team. Fortunately, by having an appreciation, recognising and valuing these differences, you can become a high performing team.

It starts with having self-awareness. By understanding yourself, you can recognise how you impact others. Moreover, you can then recognise and value the differences within the team.
Within your team, what behaviour triggers you?

Is it indecisiveness? Lack of flexibility? Unfair treatment? Lack of detail?

These behaviours may trigger you to perform badly. A team member’s indecisiveness may make you overbearing. Someone’s lack of flexibility might make you hasty. Unfair treatment within the team may make you stubborn. And a lack of detail may turn your reserved.

This idea is based on Insights Discovery which is a simple and accessible four colour model from Carl Jung’s theory of preferences that help us understand ourselves and others. Every person has all four colour energies within them (red, yellow, green and blue). But it is the combination of these colours which creates a unique personality and help us to appreciate the world differently.

It’s these differences that create a high performing team. The strong-willed decision maker can meet deadlines, the flexible innovator can stay ahead of the competition, the reasonable one can consider the needs of the team and the precise detail orientated person can bring all the facts.

By appreciating these differences, you create a common language to navigate and reduce conflict in teams. Instead of saying to a team member “you are being overbearing today”, you can say “I can see your red energy today”. This is more palatable and brings awareness to the team member’s behaviour.

Insights Discovery helps the team understand and challenge their perception of others. This in turn allows team members to have more open and positive conversations thanks to the common language. Insights Discovery also provides the team with an in-depth personality profile which supports them to recognise their strengths and weaknesses. Again, bringing self-awareness to the team.

Overall, once you have self-awareness in your behaviour and can recognise other’s behaviour, you can appreciate and value what each individual brings to the team.

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