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Don’t Delay External HR Intervention

HR Champions exist because we, our clients and most business owners and managers know that Human Resources issues, if mishandled or delayed, can lead to severe financial and reputational damage to an organisation. Despite this, some businesses still put off seeking external HR expertise until problems escalate or unexpected consequences arise.

Companies typically do not hesitate to call in external experts for urgent problems related to tangible assets or services. It’s recognised that problems with machinery, the Internet or website for example, could cause disruptions that can severely impact operations if not swiftly addressed. However, professional intervention when it comes to HR issues is often sidestepped, even though doing so can potentially lead to costly employment tribunals or the need for expensive settlement agreements to resolve disputes.

When employee issues arise, they can often seem manageable or minor at first glance. It can be tempting for businesses, especially those with tight budgets or smaller operations, to try handling these problems internally. However, the complexities of employment law and the nuances of proper HR procedures can quickly overwhelm inexperienced staff. The decision to delay bringing in professional HR help is like ignoring a leaking pipe in the hope that it will fix itself; inevitably, the problem only grows, becoming more costly and damaging in the process.

We realise that it is easy to point this out in hindsight. Even for experienced HR professionals, some issues can appear less urgent at first glance. However with proper questioning, probing and understanding of HR processes, it should be possible to determine the potential outcomes and consequences of a situation.

Our retained clients have the luxury of contacting us whenever they wish because their set monthly fee means the cost of the call or e-mail is already covered. We always encourage that clients do call because it is much safer and easier all round if we can support the appropriate action to overt a situation at the outset rather than have to deal with a huge case that has exploded beyond all proportion further down the line.

There will always be some businesses for whom the cost of hiring an external HR consultant is viewed as an unnecessary expense—until, of course, the situation worsens, leading to far greater costs than that of initially engaging professional help would have incurred.

Choosing whether or not to consult with an HR professional is very much a cost/benefit calculation. This can be difficult to establish without having experienced a situation that has resulted in a costly outcome. There’s no shortage of stories however of employees receiving quite significant awards from their employers. Many of these pay outs would have been avoidable with proper and timely intervention.

Engaging with HR professionals at the early stages of an employee issue can have several advantages:

  • It ensures that the problem is handled with the legal and procedural rigor it demands, potentially saving the company from expensive legal battles later on.
  • It sends a message to all employees that the company takes their concerns and the law seriously, which can enhance morale and trust in management.
  • It can prevent the escalation of conflicts, preserving the company culture and employee productivity.

It can be a good exercise to reflect upon your own business practices, consider whether you have delayed seeking external HR advice for financial or logistical reasons in the past, and at what cost. There maybe instances where you have got away with it in the past but don’t expect to be so lucky in the future; especially with the growth in no win, no fee solicitor offerings.

We have a number of solutions for businesses that we can match and align with their needs:

Training: We run a number of courses that provide fundamental HR skills and knowledge for delegates. These courses will equip line managers to deal with issues as they arise, reducing the risk of escalation.

Pay as You Go HR Support: For smaller businesses with a few employees, this service provides HR support on an ‘on-the-clock’ basis whereby we charge a fee every time we provide support. There is a minimum charge but don’t use us and you don’t pay.

EmployerGuard Lite: For employers with less than 10 employees this service provides a fixed amount of cover for a regular monthly fee. Easier for budgeting, time used is down-dated from the annual allocation. Some company documents are included.

EmployerGuard: Our flagship service, unlimited telephone and e-mail HR support for a fixed monthly fee. Clients also have access to our library of HR letter templates and documents.

Professional HR intervention should not be viewed as a last resort but as a necessary component of effective and proactive management. Remember, by investing early in expert HR guidance, you protect not only your business’s current stability but also its future integrity. Contact us for a discussion about what is best for you on 01452 331331 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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