Toolkit Terms and Conditions

1.    COPYRIGHT AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS – HR Champions Ltd retain all Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights of all documents published by HR Champions Ltd either physically or online or transmitted by e-mail. Downloaded documents, whether paid for, provided free of charge or included as part of package or service are for the downloader’s express use.  You are not permitted to sell, loan, lease, or transfer the documents to any other party except when using the document for the purpose for which is was written and/or when dealing with your own employees and prospective employees. You are not permitted to publish in whole or in part, any HR Champions Intellectual Property on the Internet, or in any physical or electronic document which is generally available to the public.

2.    DOCUMENT USE – Downloadable documents are standard and may require personalisation and in some cases deletions and additions to make them relevant to the situation to which they are being applied. We strongly recommend that they are used in conjunction with advice from a consultant at HR Champions Ltd. Employment Law is prone to change, and whilst we will endeavour to maintain the currency of all documents, we may temporarily make unavailable any documents that have become outdated. Once purchased, you may make a copy of any documents for your own future use. Documents remain available for download for five days. You will need to purchase the document again after this time if you have not made a copy. We recommend that you check the website regularly to ensure the documents are the latest version before re-use.

3.    DISCLAIMER AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY – Documents are designed to assist in managing HR issues and situations but do not constitute advice in their own right. HR Champions do not accept any liability for the outcome of any situations where downloaded documents are used without advice being sought from HR Champions Ltd and properly followed. Documents are editable and therefore HR Champions will not bear any responsibility for any alterations or amendments made to the documents after download.

4.    REFUNDS – Owing to the nature of the documents; the ease with which the content of a watermarked version could be copied and the fact that they are immediately useable after download, we do not offer any refunds. Please rely on the description of each document prior to downloading. If you are in any doubt that you have selected the correct document, please contact us by telephone or e-mail for assistance.

5.   CONTACT INFORMATION - HR Champions from time to time may send you emails of special offers or events.