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What is a Quitfluencer?

We’ve got a new word for you this week. Quitfluencer. In their recently released Global Workforce of the Future report for 2022, recruitment and employment agency Adecco, refer to the new term for a certain type of employee; or rather, ex-employee.

It’s probably not a new phenomenon in the world of employment but it’s undeniably one ripe for attributing a trendy, social media style descriptor to. A Quitfluencer is someone who quits their job, starting a domino effect; prompting others in the organisation to at least consider their own positions, with a proportion following suit and subsequently quitting also.

In fact, the report suggests that a quitting spree will influence 70% of colleagues to consider leaving and as many as 50% will follow through on the idea over the following 12 months. The report refers to this as quitting contagion and is markedly higher in Generation Z than in the so-called Baby Boomer demographic.

The full report (read it here) is based upon a survey conducted by Adecco earlier this year involving 30,000 employees across 25 countries. Its purpose is to shine a light on the attitudes of the current workforce to enable employers to take the necessary steps to plan their talent strategies more effectively.

The survey upon which the report has been compiled was conducted in April and May of this year. Despite the fact that Russia had already invaded Ukraine at the time, it may still have been too early to identify the full effect on the global fuel supply that the war had at that time. Consequently, confidence in job security was probably higher which we see reflected in the figures.

Whilst the effect of the Quitfulencer is global, the report indicates that a lesser proportion of fellow colleagues are affected in the UK. Even so 29% is no meagre figure, and in a business environment where the number of vacancies remans historically high, employers still need to be taking steps to ensure that they are doing their utmost to retain staff.

Regular readers of our blog and attendees of Attract, Recruit, Retain seminar earlier this year will already know that whilst remuneration is one of the most significant attracters of new talent, it falls much further down the list of reasons why people leave an organisation. This is corroborated in the Adecco report which puts salary behind factors such as flexibility and work/life balance, career progression and mental health and wellbeing when it comes to staff retention.

The current and worsening economic crisis is likely to put this current status to the test. As workers are faced with ever increasing bills, their inertia will be strained as they are tempted by the prospect of higher pay on the other side of the fence. Organisations that make themselves truly sticky will win the talent retention struggle.

There is little that is more rewarding than being part of a recognised, high performing team. We can refer back to the well trained and highly motivated soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces for a clear and current example of this.

As employers, we should immerse and smother our staff in great management and leadership that supports employees. You’ll already know that we have perfected a suite of Leadership, Management and Wellbeing training solutions, finely tuned to enable your employees to feel engaged, valued and perform at a high level.

After all. who really wants to quit a winning team?

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