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The Leader's Impact on the Team

Ever wondered how your values, self-confidence and experience impact your team members?

Ernest Hemingway coined the Iceberg theory, but it was Sigmund Freud who was responsible for making it popular, especially within the realm of psychology. Freud developed a topographical model of the mind describing its features. The use of the iceberg presents the idea of three levels of the mind: conscious, preconscious and unconscious. He stipulated that the unconscious mind is the primary source of human behaviour.

Within the workplace, the Iceberg theory is a practical model for leaders to understand, connect with and motivate their teams. The model demonstrates that a leader’s values, self confidence, experience and knowledge (unconscious behaviour) drives their attitude (preconscious behaviour) and behaviour (conscious behaviour).

Within the workplace, effective and authentic leadership is not just about observing what is visible but rather delving into the depths of what drives those behaviours. For a leader, understanding their bottom iceberg entails recognising their own emotions, motivations and personality traits as well as that of their team members.

This self-awareness is pivotal for problem solving, developing interpersonal relationships and communication therefore making it a fundamental aspect of effective management.

Authentic leadership cultivates high employee engagement within the workplace. Authentic leaders create an environment of trust by being honest and transparent in their communication. They can empower their teams by providing them with autonomy and opportunities for growth. By trusting their employees, authentic leaders encourage employees to take ownership of their work and foster a sense of purpose amongst the team. They lead by example demonstrating the values and behaviours they expect of the team. By building authentic relationships with colleagues, business leaders create an emotional connection fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty which enhances employee engagement.

When a business can boast high employee engagement, the organisation reaps several rewards. Engaged employees are naturally more productive and committed to achieving organisational goals. When employees feel valued, they are less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere. This reduces turnover costs and allows businesses to attract top talent. When employees aren’t micromanaged, they are free to be innovative and creative. This allows the business to stay ahead of the competition and drive sustainable growth. Overall, this increases customer satisfaction and loyalty because employees can provide better customer service.

Would you like to build authentic leadership and increase employee engagement within your business?

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