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Hybrid Working & Managers

We have just finished this quarter’s HR & Employment Law events. This time, as well as the usual employment law update, we provided insight on managers managing hybrid workers.

Over the past month, we have seen a rise in the number of big organisations reversing their working from home policies to either bring staff back to the office full time or for the majority of the week. Boots, Manchester United, Nationwide and JD sports just to name a few.
But now a ‘tug of war’ exists between the business and employees. The business wants to enhance collaboration and innovation with staff back in the office. Whereas employees feel they have a good work life balance whilst remaining productive at home.

A hybrid model might be a good compromise. This can balance the employees’ needs for flexibility whilst re-establishing a strong office presence. At HR Champions, we often speak to you about the role of the manager and the importance of getting it right to ensure high performing teams. Add managing hybrid workers to that manager’s role and managers have another responsibility within their day job.

If hybrid working is your solution to balance the needs of the business and employees, managers are now responsible for communication across different platforms, performance management when they are not always physically with their employees and collaboration for a dispersed team.

At HR Champions, we suggest focussing on the following areas to create a gold standard of managers managing hybrid workers:

  • For business leaders and HR
    It’s a two-way street; seek feedback through employee engagement and pulse surveys about hybrid working. Ensure there are robust policies in place and people are aware of them. Invest in good homeworking kit and technology. Review employees’ job description to ensure everyone is on the same page about responsibilities and they are fair.
  • Management Communication
    Establish clear communication channels and agree what is appropriate on which communication channel. Ensure there is a minimum of one day where the team is all together. Encourage open communication across and within the team.
  • Performance & Expectations
    Track progress and productivity by still holding the team to account. Be clear about your employees workday and schedule as well as sticking to the business’ performance review procedure. Create an accountability plan that everyone can access regardless of location.
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
    Remind the team about the resources available to them and encourage the team to have a healthy work life balance ensuring they take breaks and don’t work too late. Be present on office days to recognise the signs of burnout and stress. It’s more difficult behind a screen.

This was a whistle stop tour in managers managing hybrid workers.

Balancing business needs and employee expectations is key to building and maintaining high performing teams. But it’s paramount to long term success. Hybrid working might be the solution for some businesses to attract and retain the top talent.
In this case, line managers will play an important role in creating successful outcomes from this model. Don’t put the line managers on the backfoot and ensure they have the resources to perform their role to the highest standard.

At HR Champions, we have a suite of leadership and management training to support your managers as well as HR advice for the technicalities of a hybrid working model. From qualifications accredited to by the leadership and management, one day training courses and bespoke leadership programmes, we have you covered. Get in touch today by calling 01452 331331 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.



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