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Cultivating Genuine Employee Engagement

We must accept that the Covid pandemic was a major disrupter of our previously accepted view and understanding of working life in the UK. Mostly we travelled to a place of work where we spent mostly conforming hours working with set time for breaks. Covid changed all that, and now we have a myriad of working arrangements including home working, part-time and hybrid working. Some even work from abroad.

This disruption has had a major impact on attitudes to work. Most business strive to engender an engaged workforce but the landscape has changed dramatically and we must adapt to achieve this since Covid. For businesses, understanding and effectively fostering employee engagement is crucial for the success and sustainability. But let's be clear: true employee engagement can't be bought with just a higher salary or quirky office perks. It requires genuine and authentic leadership.

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has towards their organisation and its goals. Engaged employees don't just work for a salary or the next promotion; they work to meet the organisation's goals. They are motivated, committed, and invested in their work. Cultivating this level of engagement is the key, but not easy. Some quick wins might be:

  • Transparency and Open Communication

    Transparency is the foundation of trust and a key factor in building an engaged workforce. Share your business goals, challenges, and progress with your team. When employees are kept in the loop, they feel valued and part of the bigger picture. Encourage open communication, where employees feel safe to express their ideas and concerns. This not only empowers them but also brings diverse perspectives to the table.

  • Recognise and Appreciate Efforts

    Recognition doesn’t always have to be about big bonuses or public accolades. Even a simple ‘thank you’ or acknowledgment in front of peers can boost morale significantly. Recognise not just the results, but also the effort and dedication. Create a culture where every contribution is valued and appreciated.

  • Provide Growth and Development Opportunities

    Investing in your employees' growth is a powerful way to engage them. Offer training sessions and workshops including a budget for external courses. When employees see that you are invested in their career development, they feel more committed and engaged with the organisation.

  • Foster a Positive Work Environment

    A positive and inclusive work environment encourages employees to be their best selves. This involves everything from a respectful and supportive culture to a physically comfortable workspace. Remember, a positive environment nurtures creativity, collaboration, and overall engagement.

  • Lead by Example

    As a leader, your attitude and behaviour set the tone for the entire organisation. You must embrace and display the values and ethics you want to see in your employees. Authentic leadership involves being approachable, consistent, and empathetic.

Employee engagement is not a one-time effort but a continuous process. It’s about creating a workplace where employees feel connected, valued, and part of a community. Engaged employees are not just more productive; they are the ambassadors of your business, and their enthusiasm and commitment can be the driving force behind your business’s success.

However, we must have the appropriate organisational design, that fits modern business and working arrangements. We must find new ways of engaging our hybrid and at-home workers with a strategy that meets the needs of the post-covid workforce. We’ll be discussing this in more detail at our forthcoming breakfast clubs. Make sure you’re booked on. And if you would like to discuss this subject on a mor intimate level, call us on 01452 331331 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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