Developing the Existing Manager

Achieving and maintaining a high performing team is challenging. A confident manager is key to unlocking the potential of an exceptional team and elevating individual managerial performance. Our training instils the self-assurance needed to navigate the complexities of team management and drive success. The training goes beyond theoretical concepts and delves into practical exercises that help managers explore their own strengths and development areas as well as identifying the needs of the team and coaching them to be their best. A step up from our First Time Manager course, this training will enhance the manager's confidence to effectively create and lead teams. 

Go beyond management theory by learning the 'how' of leading

Who should attend?

This one-day course is suitable for new managers as well as managers who want to enhance their confidence in improving the team's performance. Learn how to be an effective manager. This course is the perfect step up from our First Time Manager course. 

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Course Content

  • Module 1 - Flexing leadership styles to suit individual needs and situations
  • Module 2 - Managing Performance: Setting tasks, objectives and providing feedback 
  • Module 3 - Managing Performance: Holding challenging conversations
  • Module 4 - Coaching interventions: how to hold and benefit from coaching in the workplace 


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Benefits to the Business Benefits to the Delegate
Create high performing teams thanks to effective managers Know how to adapt your style to suit the needs of your team
Retain your top talent with insightful training and managers managing well Develop confidence to initiate difficult conversations 
Create a harmonised work environment thanks to early intervention from managers Manage poor performance early and prevent an escalation of issues
Managers understand their employees' needs creating engaged employees Feel capable to identify performance issues and coach the employee on the solution 


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