Communication in the Workplace

Our communication workshop is designed to harmonise, motivate, and connect teams with the skills and know-how to promote effective communication in the workplace. Businesses risk losing time, money and staff because of poorly communicated messages or ambiguous instructions. Successful communication is not just about colleagues having a conversation but also considering the most appropriate method to communicate for any given scenario. Effective communication is a two-way transaction. During the workshop, we discuss the importance of active listening with all the senses and asking appropriate questions for explicit results. 

Ensure clear communication throughout your team and reduce conflict

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for any team member who wants to understand how to communicate effectively and efficiently. This course can be adapted to support management communication. We also offer Difficult Conversations training which further facilitates management communication. 

Course Content

Module 1
What are the Principles of Effective communication?

Module 2
The Barriers and Impact of Mis-Communication

Module 3
Different Communication Styles and Preferences

Module 4
Methods of Communication: When is Best to Use Them?

Module 5
Active Listening Skills to Get Results 

Role play and interactive Sessions
Throughout the training there are role plays, interactive sessions and games to help delegates practise and understand the processes and methods


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Benefits to the Business Benefits to the Delegate
Avoid business inefficiency through pitfalls in conversation Understand how to talk to your team and colleagues confidently 
Create a self-aware team who can recognise and rectify poor communication Know how to respond to different communication styles where necessary
Increase to-the-point communication reducing time wasting Understand how to get the most out people using different communication methods
Effective communication reduces the need for difficult conversations Skills and knowledge immediately implementable 

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