Restructure & Redundancy Support


Will the forecast recession mean that you will need to consider redundancies? 

Nobody wants to make redundancies, however we can’t escape the fact that current economic and global events are likely to have a significantly effect on consumer spending, impacting the short to mid term viability of many businesses.

It’s unfortunate that there will be job losses during this time, but taking action to ensure that businesses survive and remain solvent must be paramount if the UK economy is to see a swift and meaningful return to prosperity.

HR Champions can support businesses through what we know will be, at times, a heart-wrenching and difficult process. We have designed a clear and concise pricing structure that is fair and avoids any nasty surprises.

Online conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom now allow us to offer support nationwide without incurring travelling expenses. Contact us for further details. Click here to make a confidential enquiry

Package Basic Bespoke Supported Bespoke
Overview Provision of standard process guide and template documentation for customer own adaptation and self-delivery Provision of bespoke advice, guidance and documentation to meet specific customer requirements ready for customer  self delivery As Bespoke, plus on-site or virtual consultant support for all consultation, dismissal and appeal meetings
(Potential travel expenses for on-site)

*Redundancy policy and process

*Checklists for process compliance

*Scoring matrix / selection criteria

*Supporting letter templates editable to meet customer needs for all stages of the process

*Scripts for 1-2-1 consultation meetings

*Up to one hour initial consultation covering process advice / guidance

*Provision of all necessary supporting documentation bespoke to meet the customer needs

*Consultation and advice throughout process with a named consultant

*Provision of all bespoke supporting documentation

*Consultant to conduct or sit-in all meetings

Cost £295 £895 £895: one redundancy/position at risk
£1450: two redundancies/positions at risk
£240 for each additional redundancy / position at risk
(up to 19 at risk positions)

All prices subject to VAT. 

Example costs for 12 positions at risk: First 2 positions = £1,450 plus 10 further positions at £240 each = £2,400.  Total Cost = £3,850.

Government reporting rules affect redundancy situations where 20 or more positions are put at risk, therefore please contact us for a project price in this instance.


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