Great teams are born from great team members who understand what their objectives are and how these fit with the objectives of other team members and the organisation as a whole. This programme contains all of the elements to ensure your team members are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. An excellent grounding for all employees in good working practices that will instill the importance of personal development.

For in-house courses, greater emphasis can be placed on specific areas depending on the needs of the organisation. This is a two-day course covering the following sessions:

Session 1 - Team Building
Understanding how individual roles fit with the company vision and the one-team ethos. The difference between groups and teams. Tuckman’s Model (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing). Belbin’s Team Roles: Appreciating the skills and abilities of other team members to reduce conflict in the team building trust and respect.

Session 2 - Team Vs Company
Undertake a team SWOT on the company/team performance against the Vision. Celebrate what’s going well in the organisation and agree an action plan for the areas for development. A team building exercise to practice problem solving and decision making.

Session 3 - Communication with all Stakeholders
Understanding and demonstrate how to communicate effectively with all stakeholders in the business, to include difficult conversations and dealing with minor conflict in the workplace.

Session 4 - Employee Responsibilities
The employees’ responsibilities with dignity at work, health and safety and taking ownership of the task and outcomes to ensure the customer experience meets their expectations.