Workplace Investigations Training

Investigations are held to clarify and establish the facts of a case. It will potentially result in decision on whether to call a disciplinary or dismiss a member of staff. Conducting an investigation can be time-consuming and complicated. However, if carried correctly and in a timely fashion, an investigation can contain a problem and minimise distraction from the business. Employers are liable if poor investigations lead to an unfair dismissal therefore providing managers with the expertise to conduct investigations avoids litigation risk. Our course will provide managers with the essential skills for conducting an effective investigation from gathering evidence to writing a report.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for people managers and HR professionals who want to be confident in leading effective investigations or improve existing knowledge on best workplace investigation practice.  

Course Content

Module 1 -

What is the purpose of an investigation?

Module 2 -

The law: investigation and legislation 

Module 3 - 

From policy to practice: a fair investigation process, the burden of proof and understanding all possible next steps 

Module 4 - 

Questioning techniques for an effective investigation

Module 5 - 

How to write a report with case studies


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Benefits to the Business Benefits to the Delegate 
Maintain the team’s dignity and safeguard their health and wellbeing during investigations Be confident in conducting a legal and best practice investigation
Managers can investigate any type of misconduct  Know how to analyse evidence and evaluate it’s relevance
Avoid spending money on external agencies to conduct investigations  Learn effective questioning techniques and know what to say 
Managers understand the law thus reducing litigation risk to the business Feel capable to write clear and objective reports 

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