Managing Change within the Business

Dealing with the demands of workplace change is the biggest challenge facing every business today.  Change can be hard even for the most loyal of employees, however it is necessary for a business to continually evolve to align with dynamic business needs and technological development.  To create an environment where change is accepted as part of the culture of an organisation, managers need to understand how to engage their teams and work with them to ensure smooth implementation. This course will give you the opportunity to think about how change is managed in your business, and how you as a leader communicate with your teams to encourage a smooth transition. 

Who should attend?

Suitable for line managers and the senior team who have a responsibility for supporting change within the business.

The only constant is change

Course Content 

Module 1

Why change; the drivers behind the decisions 

Module 2

Planning for change

Module 3

Identifying, measuring and overcoming barriers to change

Module 4

Key steps to making change happen


Benefits to the business Benefits to the team
Ensure high productivity remains during transition periods Feel confident to lead the team through change boosting their morale in the process
Maintain and increase engaged employees who embrace change Become an effective leader who inspires trust and direction amongst the team
Build a culture of innovation where teams identify trends and adapt to them Build your resilience and growth through managing a change period
Managers can ensure stability through these change periods leading to higher retention rates By effectively leading the team through transition, you can open yourself up to potential career advancement opportunities by demonstrating responsibility and self leadership 


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