Introduction to Employment Law

This course is designed to equip managers and those who have a people responsibility with a comprehensive understanding of the essentials within employment law. When facing a difficult employee problem, managers may immediately escalate to HR because they are not confident with the intricacies of employment law. It’s imperative that managers are confident in navigating the essentials of employment law to protect the business’ integrity and support the team. Equally, understanding the changes within employment law allows the management team to make informed and correct decisions. With this understanding, managers can succeed in their people management role by ‘getting on with it’.

Who should attend?

Suitable for anyone with a people responsibility within the business as well as those that would like a refresh on their employment law knowledge. 

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Course Content 

Module 1

Employment Law: it's purpose, key players and employment status 

Module 2

Key Legislation

  • Employment Rights Act 1996
  • Working Time Directive 1998
  • GDPR 2018
  • Equality Act 2010

Module 3

Legislation pertaining to harassment and bullying including the Worker Protection Act 2024

Module 4

Family Friendly Law including 

  • Predictable working patterns 
  • Flexible Working
  • Maternity, paternity and adoption pay 
  • Parental leave
  • Time off for dependants 
  • Carer's leave 
  • Bereavement leave and pay


Benefits to the business Benefits to the team
Ensure compliance and mitigate risk to the business Have effective decision making with a solid understanding of employment law
Adapt policies effectively and timely in relation to the changing legal landscape  Know your legal responsibility and have confidence in dealing with issues
Protect reputation and brand by understanding legal responsibility  Enhance job security by knowing what you can and can't do
Enhance employee relations by fostering better communication and transparency  Support employee relations by communicating effectively about duties 


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