Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

The CIPD states that equality means making sure everyone can access the same opportunities. Diversity means valuing the differences between people. Inclusion is a measure of how safe employees feel in their working environment.  The ‘Indeed: Time to Change’ 2021 report found that 60% of senior managers and HR professionals state the importance of equality, diversity, and inclusion. That said, it can be difficult to navigate the minefield that is equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Our training covers the fundamental aspects of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace from key legislation to cultural competence in employees ensuring legal responsibilities are met.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable  for line managers, senior managers and HR professionals who have a responsibility for adhering to equality, diversity and inclusion legislation. Learn how to improve and promote equality, diversity and inclusion by understanding your obligation.

Course Content

Module 1 -

Equality, diversity and inclusion - the law

Module 2 -

What are the benefits of a diverse workforce? 

Module 3 - 

Hot topics; neurodiversity, generational gaps, unconscious bias 

Module 4 - 

Handling employee complaints

Module 5 - 

Implementing an equality, diversity and inclusion safe culture; from policies and procedures to cultural competence 


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Benefits to the Business Benefits to the Delegate 
Knowledge of relevant legislation protects the business’ interest Know what you can and can’t say in equality, diversity and inclusion cases
Create a safe environment for minorities supporting recruitment and skills shortages Build confidence to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Build a confident team of managers who can immediately deal with and prevent serious situations  Guide the team through good equality, diversity and inclusion practice
Promote an inclusive culture where different backgrounds collaborate well Have an appreciation for the benefits of a diverse team

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