Effective Leadership

Eisenhower stated that “leadership is getting people to want to do what you want them to do”. Within the workplace, effective leadership is the ability to successfully influence and support a team. A manager will agree targets, provide feedback and ensures the team has the right resources. To step up and become a leader, there is a shift in requirements. A leader will develop a clear vision for the future direction of the business, ensures everyone shares that vision and demonstrate good behaviour. Returning to the quote, becoming an effective leader is about seeing the strategic vision of the business and supporting the team to get there. Our course has been specifically designed to create effective leaders who can identify team development needs and provide solutions.

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for all managers who have a responsibility for employee development and performance. 

Leadership is about helping all followers to excel at their best performance


Course Content 

Module 1

Understanding the difference between leadership and management 

Module 2

The functions of leadership and the skills of a leader 

Module 3

A framework for development: Recognising what training and development is required using a common language 

Module 4

Creating and implementing an action plan 



Benefits to the business Benefits to the team
Create a team of confident leaders who can provide direction for the business Recognise how to be a good manager in the day to day running of the business using proven models
Accelerate the pact and quality of employee development  Effectively respond to different needs by flexing your leadership behaviour
Create a common and consistent language of performance and development within the business Lead meaningful conversations and provide constructive feedback on performance
Build a culture of accountability where others can provide direction and support minimising time wasting Recognise how to meet the needs of the team and the business to achieve short term and long term goals 


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