Managing Customer Service in Hospitality

When working in hospitality, your legacy is your customer service and the lasting impression you have on your customers. You want people to enjoy and have respect for themselves and others so that their experience is positive. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The classic situations exist: someone thinks they were next in the queue, you serve the ‘wrong’ beer, you gave someone the wrong look! Mix this behaviour with alcohol and the situation can escalate quickly. No matter how hard you try to deliver excellent service in these circumstances, your default response is to defend yourself. Staff might feel out of their depth and may respond unprofessionally. Our programme will provide the fundamentals in providing excellent customer service whilst also learning how to deal with difficult customers and knowing when to escalate a problem to management and/or security.

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for all hospitality team members. Find the fine balance between offering great customer service and managing difficult customers. 

Customer behaviour is becoming more rowdy and sometimes aggressive. 


Course Content 

Module 1

What great customer service looks and sounds like 

Module 2

Communication: Ensure tone and body language are professional, assertive and in control 

Module 3

How to be assertive whilst managing difficult and intoxicated customers 

Module 4

How to de-escalate a difficult situation

Module 5

Understand the escalation process



Benefits to the business Benefits to the team
Reduce the need for security intervention at the bar Feel confident in dealing with difficult situations and intoxicated customers 
Enhance customer service with assertive staff who can manage customers' expectations  Know what to say and how to say it assertively 
Keep up with the customer demand, identifying potential confrontational situations before they intensify  Understand when you need to escalate a situation to management and/or security 
Protect licence by de-escalating situations that would have required the police Positively keep up with the fast-paced nature of the environment by reducing stress levels when dealing with challenging situations 
Being a recognised employer of choice who takes responsibility for the well-being of employees Feel safe in your working environment 
  Skills and knowledge immediately implementable 


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