ILM Level 4 Certificate in Leadership, Specialising in HR Topics

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Our Level 4 Award for HR practitioners focuses towards the strategic aspects of Human Resources within an organisation. It explores how best-practice operational elements of HR can be applied across management tiers, thereby developing a positive organisational culture that breeds motivation and constant improvement. This course is a natural progression for delegates who have successfully implemented the Level 3 Award specialising in HR or who are ready to progress from a solely operational HR role. The course is accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management; as you would expect.

Day 1
Developing People in the Workplace: This module is centred around the people within an organisation; how they are managed, assessed and developed. You will discuss the expectations and requirements of employees including work/life balance. In developing employees there will be a need to establish learning styles and the range of training and development opportunities available. You will also examine mechanisms and techniques for appraisals and providing appropriate feedback to individuals.

Day 2

Developing a Culture to Support Innovation and Improvement: You will understand how organisational cultures are influenced by differing management styles, how to work with resistance to change and the importance of management commitment. Motivating others to promote an innovative environment will be discussed alongside reward and recognition systems. This module also covers the practicalities of innovation including Intellectual Property Rights and the role of communication.

Day 3

Motivating People in the Workplace: Theories of motivation, including ‘content’ and ‘process’ theories, and their application to teams and individuals. Factors affecting performance and motivation. Assumptions about human behaviour and the limitations of traditional theories of motivation. Individual motivation vs team motivation and potential conflicts. Incentive systems. Theories of motivation and their application to teams and individuals. Measures for evaluating performance.

Day 4

Understanding Stress Management in the Workplace: You’ll learn to identify the causes and impacts of stress at work and to spot the symptoms of stress in yourself and in others. Management responsibilities regarding workplace stress will be discussed as well as simple and practical stress management techniques. Available channels of support and how these can be accessed and applied for employees is also covered, including counselling and mentoring.
Managing Mental Health in the Workplace: Examines organisational approaches to mental health including policies and strategies for mental health support. Objective assessment of reasonable adjustments and mechanisms to provide appropriate feedback to individuals. Communication styles, confidentiality agreements and behavioural adjustment. Promoting positive mental health.

Delegates are required to submit five written assignments of approximately 1200 - 1500 words demonstrating their understanding and application of the course subject matter, within four weeks of the final day of tutoring.