Introduction to Mental Health

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  • Monday 13th September 2021
  • Wednesday 6th October 2021
  • Wednesday 10th November 2021

1 day training - £75 (+VAT) per person

This course has been designed as an introduction to mental health to raise an awareness of how important it is to the workplace. The course provides an overview of mental health problems, outlining some of the symptoms and effects, and explains what you can do to help colleagues feel supported and encouraged. 

What you’ll learn
• Overview of mental health problems and symptoms
• What you can do to help colleagues feel supported and encouraged
• Recognise where you are on the mental health continuum and how you can best support yourself 
• How to identify triggers of stress and positives steps towards taking control of your own wellbeing
• Personal resilience - development and nurture 
• Insight into differences between mindfulness and meditation