What is Peer Networks?

Peer Networks is a national programme of co-operative support groups of business peers, specifically for SME leaders who want to develop their organisations for future growth and success.

This programme has been designed to allow businesses and business owners to share and gain knowledge and help from one another under the guidance of expert facilitators or moderators. The programme was successfully delivered by the Worcestershire Growth Hub during the first quarter of 2021. Diverse cohorts of business leaders were created who were able to collaboratively work through business issues that they held in common.

Through interactive Action Learning, these cohorts were able to discuss their own challenges, gain and reflect on valuable feedback and implement practical solutions to overcome them.

Building on the success from phase 1, businesses are now invited to express their interest in joining the next wave of the Peer Networks Programme. There are limited places available so we recommend that you register your interest as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

Benefits of the Programme

Businesses that seek external advice or undertake formal training are more likely to improve their overall performance, but many prefer to take advice from trusted sources, such as their peers, when presented with external challenges and opportunities. Peer Networks enables you to make connections that go far beyond simple networking.

By participating in Peer Networks, you will:

  • Overcome business challenges and recognise and act on new opportunities
  • Build a trusted network of connections to support you now and in the future
  • Improve your long-term personal and business performance

Who is the programme for?

Peer Networks is designed for business leaders who want to grow and develop their organisation for future success.

The programme is available to any SME business that has:

  • Operated for at least one year
  • At least five employees
  • A turnover of at least £100,000
  • An aspiration to improve

The Programme

Peer Networks is delivered through a series of high impact group sessions, with each cohort of 11 to 15 individuals led by a trained facilitator. The programme also includes best use of technology in the COVID world, to present the business in the best way digitally and also look at new business development opportunities at home and abroad. You'll attend 18 hours of group sessions, usually delivered as 9 x 2 hour or 6 x 3 hour meetings over Zoom fortnightly; but the group will ultimately decide the format that suits everybody best. There is also up to 3 hours of mentoring/coaching available for you or a colleague from your network facilitator.

The programme includes:

  • Interactive action learning
  • Trained facilitators
  • Small groups
  • Flexible topic selection
  • One to one coaching


Peer Networks is fully Government funded, so there is nothing to pay. Your only commitment is that you will endeavour to attend every session so that you and your peers are given the best possible opportunity to benefit from the programme.

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We're only operating Peer Networks in Worcestershire but if you're in another area we can signpost you to the relevant contacts
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