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Get Real About the World Cup

When a big event like the World Cup comes around, there’s never any shortage of advice banded around the Internet about how to manage the potential effects in the workplace. Ideas like offering staff temporary flexible working policies and unpaid leave are commonplace in an effort to minimise any impact on attendance and productivity as workers strive to cheer on their national side.

Ordinarily, we’d agree and would very likely suggest similar advice for own clients and social media followers. This time, however, it’s a little different…

Firstly, the only home nation in the tournament is England. Of course we are a multicultural nation and many businesses will doubtless employ workers from other countries, so we should be considerate to the wishes of all employees. But even so, for most companies the impact is likely to be manageable. You’ll need to treat all staff equally however to avoid any discrimination claims.

And even if the Scots and the Welsh do manage to set aside their national pride for a few weeks and lend their support to Gareth Southgate’s boys, it is broadly speaking, only one team’s matches, England’s, that we need to worry about.

So let’s look at the timing of England’s games. Regardless of where they finish in their group, all of England’s games will kick off either at 7.00pm on week nights or at 3.00pm on Sundays. And this includes the ultra-optimistic outcome that they make it through to the final. So unless you have shift workers, there’s going to be little to no disruption to the normal working day.

For the evening weekday matches, there is a potential for the knock-out stages to go to extra time and penalties. Even with the added time for this, matches should still be all wrapped up by 10.00pm; so there’s less chance of early morning disruption because workers have had a late night down the pub and turn up late for work and/or still under the influence of alcohol.

You would have to say that as far as UK productivity is concerned, as a venue for this year’s World Cup, Russia has turned out to be quite a result.

Now, if you want to join in the World Cup fun, why not have a go on our HR Champions World Cup score predictor. Generate some friendly rivalry with friends and colleagues and see who can predict the most results in this year’s World Cup.


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