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Supporting Workers' Resolutions

More than ever, employers are demonstrating concern over the wellbeing of their employees. A fit and healthy workforce is a productive workforce, so it makes economic sense to take some interest and invest time and effort in the health, including the mental health, of your staff.

For many of us and for many of our employees, the New Year is an opportunity to set some goals and targets and make commitments to changes in habits and lifestyle. Recognising and supporting the New Year resolutions that your employees make is an excellent way to generate employee engagement, promoting improved performance and staff retention.

Smoking Quitters: Giving up smoking is a momentous step for many. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances to man so stopping smoking comes with many challenges. Withdrawal from nicotine can cause irritability and restlessness, so take this into account with any of your team who have decided to kick the habit. Keep them busy or change their routine in a positive way to help them keep their minds off smoking. Perhaps introduce some lunchtime activities such as walking, yoga or chess, so that ex-smokers don’t immediately think to step outside and light up as soon as lunchtime rolls around.

Don’t forget of course that the NHS provides a free quit smoking service that employees can be directed towards.

Those who choose to switch to Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) such as E-cigarettes or vaporisers may also need support. ENDS still remain outside the scope of smoke-free legislation so it’s up to employers to choose to allow them or not. They are considered to be 95% safer than smoking cigarettes so whilst we wouldn’t recommend allowing them in the workplace, employers might see it as a good idea to make some concessions for those who are trying to make a less unhealthy choice. A dedicated outside vaping area for example.

Going Dry: After the indulgences of the festive season, having a month off alcohol is quite common practice. Businesses can support workers’ efforts by avoiding business meetings or social events where alcohol might play a part. Move business lunches and dinners to venues that don’t serve alcohol and if you have regular social gatherings like after work on a Friday, encourage going to a local tea-room instead of the pub.

Dieters: Obesity and associated health conditions continue to be a major contributor of workplace absence, not to mention a strain on NHS resources. Encourage a healthy eating culture by keeping vending machine offerings to more healthy choices. Offer free fruit and vegetables for staff to snack on instead of sweet or fatty snacks such as biscuits and crisps. If bringing in cakes on staff members’ birthdays is common practice, encourage healthy alternatives like lower calorie, home-made cakes. There are plenty of recipes on the Internet.

Getting Fitter: Corporate gym memberships aren’t cheap but you could encourage employees to make more use of their own gym memberships by offering flexible working patterns. It doesn’t have to be a major disruption. An extra 15 minutes at lunchtime made up by an earlier start or a later finish might be enough to make a midday gym session more do-able and meaningful. A walking, running or cycling club could be easy to set up and will help encourage team camaraderie. Even if you can’t offer changing or showering facilities, something like making the company car park available as a meeting point could be enough to demonstrate your support.

These are just a few suggestions but the simplest of things can contribute to your corporate brand and image as a being a good place to work. Make sure that anything you implement is legal and equitable and be cautious that you don’t implement anything that could cause headaches in the future. If you’re in any doubt, call us on 01452 331331 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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