The Art of Communication

We need to communicate everyday but how do we ensure we are effective at it? How do you communicate the right things to the right people? Do you communicate on a ‘need to know’ basis or do you suffer from communication overload? During this workshop we will explore different communication methods and understand the right one to use for each situation. We will also discuss the importance of feedback as a tool and look at how to use it effectively.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who would like to improve their communication and feedback skills, making them more productive and satisfying for all.

Workshop Content

What is Communication?
An introduction to the session looking at what communication is and some of the problems poor communication can cause.

Understanding Communication methods
Different methods of communication, the pros and cons of each type and how to ensure you choose the correct method.

Being aware of body language
A look at body language, the part it plays in communication and how to ensure you body language reinforces the message you are communicating

Active Listening Techniques
Time will be spent looking at why we don’t listen well and hints and tips on active listening

Communication styles
Understand your preferred communication style and how to communicate with others more effectively.

The Communication Cycle
Explore the Communication Cycle and its importance in ensuring effective Communication takes place.

Barriers to Communication
A look at what stops Communication happening and how these barriers can be overcome.

How to give and receive constructive feedback
Feedback is a fundamental part of communication, the module discusses ways to give and receive feedback in a positive, constructive manner.

Assumptions are communication shortcuts! Explore our assumptions and how to control them.

Analyse your own communication style
Construct a development plan in order to improve on your weaknesses.


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