Advanced Influencing

The ability to influence and persuade others at work has become an increasingly important skill in order to apply strategy, manage change and ultimately to achieve work goals and objectives to drive businesses forward in today’s demanding and competitive work environments.

This course is designed to help delegates to become more confident and assertive and to provide tools and strategies to become effective influencers in the most difficult situations. It focuses on 7 skills of successful influencing.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who would like to develop their behavioural skills

Workshop Content

Personal Power
Understand the impact that you and your behaviours have on others. Learn the important skills of Personal Power – Clarity, self-awareness, energy and enthusiasm empathy and emotional intelligence.

Create Rapport and Build Trust
Understand the skills needed to be able to effectively engage with people at all levels in the business. Understanding others values, beliefs and values and perceptions. Explore what makes individual ‘powerful’

Effective Communication
Building on Personal Power explore how to listen, ask the right questions and be aware of the impact our non-verbal behaviour can have on a situation.

Discover the meaning of assertive behaviour and how to develop the skills required to be truly assertive. Understand the connection between successful influencing and assertive behaviour.

Logical Thinking
Develop skills that help you identify practical solutions to problems, stay focused and objective and in control of your emotions.

Frameworks for Influencing
Explore different influencing strategies and frameworks that can guide and help you stay focused on your desired outcome.

Action plan
Analyse your strengths and development areas when influencing others and compile a development plan to help you improve.


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