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What Vibixa say about our Management Development Training

“HR Champions were able to offer us a flexible package of Management Development Training, adapted to encompass two levels of management. Their course design, interactive workshops and engaging trainer have helped us empower our managers to utilise skills and techniques in pursuit of shared business objectives.”

Emma Williams, Vibixa


This one day course provides Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors withDealing with Difficult Conversations an opportunity to develop the skills and techniques that are required to effectively hold conversations that deal with difficult issues whilst maintaining healthy working relationships. It will help to transform difficult conversations into an opportunity to build relationships thereby developing and getting the best out of the people we lead and manage.

Who Should Attend?


This workshop is ideal for Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors, or anyone in a managerial position.


Workshop Content


This session looks at using the right mental attitude when confronting others to minimise the effect of difficult conversations

Toxic words and phrases

Examines the language that we use in conversations and how to ensure we minimise the risk of ‘igniting’ a situation

Communicating effectively

Develops questions and listening skills and awareness of our own and others non-verbal body language

The SPEAK model

A model for developing a system for holding difficult conversations

Role play and interactive Sessions

Throughout the training there are role plays, interactive sessions and games to help delegates practise and understand the processes and methods