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What Energist UK say about our Management Development Training

"HR Champions made our HR training course really fun and I came away with loads of practical ideas and advice to tackle everyday issues and those which are less familiar to me.  The course made me feel more confident, re-invigorated and ready to go!"

Nicola Fairhusrt, Energist UK

The positive effects of successful and effective people management cannot be overstated. Highly motivated and committed staff will be more productive and impact less on their manager’s time. The results are a streamlined and efficient workforce creating revenue and profit rather than wasting time and incurring costs.


The Leadership Development programme is specifically designed to help Store Management to skilfully manage their people through effective day to day leadership techniques.

The programme is designed so that the compulsory sessions, 1 and 2, are held together on the first, full day of training. During these we will cover the fundamental building blocks for effective leadership. The remaining sessions can then be delivered as half day sessions.

Other than the first day covering modules 1 and 2, all sessions are four hours long with the emphasis on underpinning knowledge to develop confidence and practice sessions to develop experience. The sessions are designed to be informative, highly participative and fun. Case studies will be designed following feedback from Supergroup Head Office and Area Management personnel indicating the types of challenges that are faced within the stores.

This programme can be accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)  - Level 2 Award in Team Leading (optional).


 Workshop Content

Day 1 – am
Module 1

Operational Leadership:

What is leadership? What will it look like? What does it look like when we are delivering it well?  What are the key attributes of a successful leader? Appreciating where we spend our time as a manager through personal feedback from John Adair’s Leadership profiles, Understanding the difference between leadership and management and the key responsibilities and boundaries of a Store Manager.


Day 1 – pm
Module 2

Leadership building blocks:

The underpinning skills required to be an effective leader.

Questioning, listening, feedback and assertive body language. The use of exercises to practice this in a variety of scenarios. Find out what your preferred style is and why you may not achieve your intentions with others?

Module 3

Leadership responsibilities: Team Building and Motivating the team

Develop an understanding of what motivates a team to perform and what is required from the leader to nurture teams to encourage them to deliver day in day out. How to build confidence in the team to enable them to feel empowered to make decisions by themselves and become self reliant achievers.

Module 4

Leadership Responsibilities: Performance Management –

An appreciation of how coaching, one-to-ones and appraisals form part of good performance management. How to get the best out of your team. How to deal with poor performance in a dignified way. Hot seating case studies to practice those difficult conversations. Coach others in your team to do their jobs to a higher standard without sending them out on a course

Module 5

Leadership Responsibilities: Creating and Sustaining a Customer Service culture within the store –

How to developa much stronger and more sustainable customer service across Supergroup by retaining existing customers and securing new ones. Customer orientation needs to be a theme at the very heart of the company.

Module 6

Leadership Responsibilities: Managing with Disciplinary and Absence –


Managing Disciplinary – An appreciation of the legislation which underpins the disciplinary processes. Company policies and procedures. Case studies around minor miss conduct providing the opportunity to demonstrate best practice.

Managing Attendance – a taste of the underlying legislation that supports absence management including disability. Company policies and procedures. The benefits of effective return to work interviews. Case studies to support the effective application of attendance policies


Leadership and Coaching are the indicative content for the programme therefore they must be included in the programme, the other modules can be taken from the list overleaf to meet your needs. The programme needs to cover a minimum of 22 guided learning hours, hence the 6 modules.


Options for Module Content

Leadership Responsibilities: Managing Conflict

Exploration of workplace relationships, how behaviour is developed, self awareness and an understanding of others. A practical session looking at rapport, non verbal communication and how this fits with conflict resolution. Key obstacles to handling conflict and using different conflict resolution skills; case studies to include both colleague and client.


Leadership responsibilities: Presentation skills

Understanding the preparation involved in planning a presentation and hints and tips on how to do it. How to structure your presentation effectively including the use of visual aids, group work and debate. An overview of presentation delivery style, to include body language, pitch and tone of voice. How to handle question and answers sessions with regards to giving presentations.

Leadership skills: Time management –

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by how much you had to do, or felt you were allocating too much time to tasks that are nowhere near the top of your list? Learn to regain control of your workload by managing yourself and others more consistently. Learn how to say no, how to set yourself deadlines and, most importantly how to sustain these over time.

Leadership Skills: Influencing and negotiation –

This module will help you develop the critical skills you need to manage your team/clients effectively, bargain successfully with colleagues or deal tactfully with superiors/clients – thus ensuring that a constructive negotiation process leads to a favourable and mutually beneficial outcome.

Leadership responsibilities: Effective Appraisal Techniques –

Explores the process of appraisals and what happens before, during and after each appraisal. Considers the right questions to use to discover the situation, active listening techniques and verbal and non-verbal communication. How to respond to distressed employees. The importance of setting SMART objectives. A review of in house appraisal forms and agreement regarding what good looks like on a completed form

Leadership responsibilities: Problem Solving and decision Making-

Understand how problems arise and whose problem is it to solve through appreciating a range of problem solving strategies. Then apply simple but effective decision making processes to achieve the best outcome for the circumstances.