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What Vibixa say about our Management Development Training

“HR Champions were able to offer us a flexible package of Management Development Training, adapted to encompass two levels of management. Their course design, interactive workshops and engaging trainer have helped us empower our managers to utilise skills and techniques in pursuit of shared business objectives.”

Emma Williams, Vibixa

Good relationships are fundamental to the success of an organisation; unmanaged conflict can harm your important working relationships and decrease productivity. Conflict in the workplace can have a significant effect of productivity, motivation and staff retention.   If conflict is left unresolved, the threats, intimidation and recriminations linked with conflict can make the workplace an extremely unpleasant place to be, having a devastating effect on employees and the success of the organisation.

This workshop will allow you to gain new insights on workplace conflict and enable you to manage it well to strengthen workplace relationships and develop an ability to resolve conflict.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who would like to understand and manage conflict in the workplace


Workshop Content

  • Understanding Relationships

Exploration of workplace relationships, how behaviour is developed, self awareness and understanding others

  • Skills in Building Relationships

A practical session looking at rapport, non verbal communication and how this fits with conflict resolution

  • Understanding Conflict

Seeing conflict as an opportunity for change, exploring the nature of conflict, symptoms and root causes

  • Dealing with Conflict

Key obstacles to handling conflict and using different conflict resolution skills.


Workshop Information

  • Duration: 1 Day