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What Vibixa say about our Management Development Training

“HR Champions were able to offer us a flexible package of Management Development Training, adapted to encompass two levels of management. Their course design, interactive workshops and engaging trainer have helped us empower our managers to utilise skills and techniques in pursuit of shared business objectives.”

Emma Williams, Vibixa

Appraisals can have multiple functions within an organisation.  Different companies will tend to emphasise different functions according to their culture and business focus.  Managers often experience difficulty in conducting appraisals and giving an employee feedback on his or her performance.  This workshop will explore the importance of conducting effective performance appraisals, and will examine the various stages of conducting an appraisal.  Completing the appraisal loop, the workshop includes setting SMART objectives, giving constructive feedback and developing performance plans.

 Who Should Attend?

 Managers and those responsible for conducting appraisals and would like to learn how to maximise the benefit of this process and achieve the full potential of employees.

 Workshop Content

  • The Purpose of Appraisals

An introduction to the workshop looking at the benefits of managing performance throughout the year.

  • The Appraisal Process


Explores the process of appraisals and what happens before, during and after each appraisal

  • Interpersonal Skills

In this session, delegates will have an opportunity to develop and practice the skills needed for conducting effective appraisals

  • Handling Conflict

Unfortunately at times conflict may occur whilst appraising an employee’s performance, this session looks at ways of dealing with this should it arise.

  • SMART Objectives

The importance of setting SMART objectives and discussing how they will move the process forward

  • Practical Application

An interactive session designed to allow delegates to plan, practice and develop their skills


 Workshop Information

  • Duration: 1 Day