Tribunal Fee Refunds Reach £1.8m in two Months

Since Employment Tribunal fees were ruled unlawful last year, the Ministry of Justice has made over 2000 refunds totalling more than £1.8million. The total value of fees to be refunded is expected to be in excess of £33million.

The reason why the number of refund claims is relatively small at the moment is believed to be because some legal firms are collating their paperwork and managing the administration of their claims. The floodgates are set to open.

In addition to the refund of fees, potential claimants who didn’t make a claim because they were put off or restricted by the fees, will now be allowed to lodge claims that would have arisen during the four year period that fees were in existence. As claims can only be awarded for financial loss however, the number of retrospective claims that are made will probably be quite low as those affected will already have found other jobs, meaning their loss is quite low; or they may simply deem their case not worth pursuing.

Whether or not Tribunal claims reach the levels they were at prior to the introduction of fees remains to be seen. The resources that support the system however were reduced in the anticipation of fewer claims, so even a modest increase is likely to see a backlog whilst the Tribunal system gets back up to speed.

The Government is inviting claims from anyone who paid Tribunal fees between 29 July 2013 and 26 July 2017. Full details about how to claim as well as an online process can be found on the website.

26 January 2018, 13:16